LifeLine Ekurhuleni



011 421 0384 (office)

011 422 4242 (Counselling)



Address of Centre
3 Russel Street, Benoni, Gauteng

LifeLine Ekurhuleni is a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation established in 1970 with a focus on providing free counselling services and Enhancing the emotional well-being of the broader Ekurhuleni community.

LifeLine Ekurhuleni provides a 24hour telephonic counselling service which is extended to include face to face counselling by lay counsellors at Benoni and Tsakane.

 LifeLine Ekurhuleni has trained volunteers on a 24 hour basis to provide crises support to victims reporting assaults to the police in the Duduza police station.

The Victim Supporters are available to counsel victims and to protect their rights. This service is extended through the Ikhaya LeThemba shelter where LifeLine Ekurhuleni provides professional counselling services to women residing at the centre, empowering them to make life changes and secure a more positive future for themselves and their families. Many of the women who come to the shelter have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and/or have been trafficked. In providing victim empowerment services to children, LifeLine Ekurhuleni is providing intermediary services to children who are to testify in court. Child victims of abuse and or neglect and child witness of violence or a criminal act are assisted by an intermediary to testify in court.

LifeLine Ekurhuleni offers companies an Emotional Wellness Programme with a range of benefits for their staff.  Services include telephone counselling, face to face counselling, trauma response, HIV and Aids Counselling and Testing, Peer Educator Development, Workshops, Awareness Talks and Business Coaching. Our counsellors and staff are from diverse backgrounds, are well trained and passionate about wellness and caring for others.