LifeLine West Rand


011-665 2281/953-4111 (office)


0861 322 322 (crisis line)

011-665-1167 (fax)


Address of Centre

25 Boshoff Street, Corner Commissioner Street, Krugersdorp

LifeLine West Rand was established in 1977. LifeLine West Rand is also affiliated with LifeLine South Africa, which in turn, is affiliated with LifeLine International. While LifeLine West Rand acknowledges the Christian basis on which the international body was formed, it is a non-denominational Centre and welcomes individuals from all faiths and respects the beliefs of all.

The three offerings of LifeLine.

1. Community Engagement Programme:  During 2009 LifeLine West Rand piloted this programme within the Munsieville Community on behalf of LifeLine National Office.  The programme is based on the Dialogue-to-Change concept, this Approach entails community members exploring and challenging individual, group and societal values – through dialogues and evolving action circles and allowing communities to take collective responsibility for identifying and responding to the inherent possibilities within their own experiences. LifeLine successfully implemented this approach within four communities in the West Rand namely; Munsieville, Tarlton (rural area), West Krugersdorp including West Village and Kagiso.

2. Emotional Containment: Individuals can book Face to Face Counselling sessions at our offices; telephonic counselling is handled by our National Crisis Line. We offer awareness, education and support talks and workshops: In areas of HIV & AIDS, Gender, Trauma, Suicide, and Emotional Wellness.

3. Economic Enterprise: LifeLine strives to ensure economic sustainability through mechanisms such as: Tenders and Proposal; Fundraising & Marketing: Brokering & Partnerships; Asset-Based Community Development. We express our appreciation to the regular donors especially: The Department of Social Development and the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

  • In 2013 LifeLine launched the “Thursdays in black” Campaign. All residents are invited to participate in the 365 day “Thursdays in Black” campaign promoting a world without rape and violence. (see article at dated 31 March 2014.
  • LifeLine also offers a course in Life Skills and Personal Growth. Designed to enhance self-awareness and acceptance. It focuses on conflict management, emotional wellness and goal setting. Life Skills, based on the work of Carl Rogers, focuses on experimental learning, theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Networking with local stakeholders and sustaining a partnership to benefit the local communities is off great importance; LifeLine is currently networking and is part of local forums  on regular basis with:
    • Local Aids Council as part of a task team, as well as combined events.
    • Mogale Local Municipality –  on gender issues and engagements in the Hekpoort area.
    • Cradle of Hope with Emotional Wellness workshops.
    • Community Workplace programme  – awareness campaigns/workshops.
    • Munsieville Men’s Forum – workshops/awareness on various topics.
    • Local Victim Empowerment – network with support/engagements and events.
    • Project Hope UK – anti bullying programme, education on child protection workshops.
    • Campaigns with SAPS (relevant NGO”S and organisations) regarding Child protection Week, Women, Youth Days and Sixteen days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse.  National HIV/AIDS Events.
    • Engagements in local Secondary Schools as part of our Community Engagement programme (especially within Thuto-Lefa Secondary School in Munsieville).