Every year in August South Africa celebrate the woman’s month . Individuals, different organizations , government , public and private sector come together to do awareness and talk about woman and children abuse . Even though is it celebrated and awareness campaign held , woman , children , older people and people with disability are still facing abuse in the hands of the either intimate partners , family members and strangers
Research by the HSRC shows that
• 28% of men in Kwazulu Natal and Eastern Cape disclosed rape perpetration
• Most man who ever rape do so for the first time as teenagers
• Half of men who ever rape do it more than once
• 46% of men disclosed perpetration of physical or sexual IPV ( intimate partner violence)
• 42% of men disclosed any physical IPV
• 14% of men disclosed any sexual IPV

• 44% have experienced emotional abuse
• 22% economic abuse
• 33% physical IPV
• 19% sexual IPV



12,8% of grade 8 girls experience IPV (NYRS,2008)


27% of woman in the Eastern Cape
28% of woman in Mpumalanga
19% of woman in the Northern Cape


27,6% self-reported rape perpetration by man


16,1% of grade 8 boys reported having smacked , kicked their girlfriends

• Intersections between GBV and HIV, locates the vulnerability of woman and adolescence girls

• 1 in 4-5 of HIV infections in young SA woman attributed to GBV

With the this short and brief illustration above it shows that we need to work together to teach our young girls and young boys about GBV , if we don’t include them we will be failing our future generation and breeding sick society


In 2015 A man by the name Thatho Molosankwe decided to cross the 2 provinces and do the walk from Johannesburg to Mafikeng to raise awareness on woman and children abuse . Lifeline is an emotional wellness organization and deal with GBV . Hearing about this walk we decided to form a group TEAM LifeLine and we joined him on the walk . On the 09 of August we walked about 70 km from Brandvlei to Johannesburg , the walk started at 4am and arrived in JHB at 8h30 .It was not just a walk but we engaged, interact and talk to people and advertising Lifeline , we also distributed condoms and materials


Ennie , Derrick , Sizwe , Margaret , and Lisbeth

0n the 04th of August 2016 the walk JOZI TO MAFIKENG started. TEAM LIFELINE met at JHB Park station with other group members and the walk began . We were talking to people and distributing materials and condoms on the way and we reached a number of people. Our first stop was Westgate Shopping centre , arriving there we asked a permission from the taxi association and we set a table at the taxi rank . It was Lunch 13h00 and lunch time so there were lot taxi commuters , taxi drivers and lot of students . On that day more condoms and presentation about GBV was done . From there our next stop was Krugersdorp at MacDonald where we engaged with lot of people there

Derrick , Margaret , Mapula , Ennie and Lisbeth


Celebrating the woman’s month again this year on the 04 of August Jozi to Mafikeng team met at JHB Park station and the walk of 300 km started . The Team left JHB on the 04 of August and arrived at Mafikeng on the 9th of August 2017

The first rest was just after Krugersdorp ( Talton police station ) the team arrived there at 8h00 evening . Time to wake up is 4am and leave at 5 am . The second day the team arrived at Klerkskraal police station and was welcomed by this friendly station commander.

He asked us to sing some song and we sang together with him . He asked to lead a song s and sang a Zulu song called Somlandela u Jesu ( we will follow Jesus where ever He goes ) We slept the and the following day early in the morning we left at 5am heading to Ventersorp
We arrived there at 8h00 so tired and and we slept at local 24hrs clinic and the pic below , and I was talking to people who came for late consultation and give them pamphlets.

On the 07 we left Ventersdorp heading to Coligny and arrived there at 08h00 . We slept at a creche . A Pastor he heard about the team was there with his congregation to welcome us .We sang and dance and celebrated and we felt at home . The also prayed for us and our safety through out the journey . A surprise was waiting for us because the pastor invited the Mayor of Ditsobotla to meet us . He arrived in a short while , address us and welcomed us in his municipality , the mayor in the pictures below.


The following day on the 08th we left Coligny passing Lichtenburg where the mayor invited us to the office and address us , he was with the town manager and his speaker , picture below.

After lunch time we began the long stretch of the road , I must say that I was so tired and my feet could not carry me any more . Wat kept me going was the people who showed interest and I was talking to them and gave them pamplets and explain about Lifeline and the numbers that they can call if they need help.

Arriving at Itsoseng at 8h00 I could not walk anymore , my feet were sore and having blisters . Ya that tells that we just kilometers away from destination , we slept at Thusong hospital . The following day was our last lap of our Journey and I was so excited that there are people who waiting for our arrival . Left Itsoseng at 5 and heading to Mafikeng now.

Arriving at Mafikeng and people waiting for us . We met Thatho who was walking from Cape Town since last month and arrived on the same day. Lifeline Mafikeng was also there to support us , a big thank you to them.

Finally thanks to all the good Samaritans who will just stopped on the road and support us , others give us water . Thanks to the people who also came and walk with us for a day to show their support .
With a zero budget without food , water , money , first aids or medical attendion or a place to sleep , God helped us and protected us for 6 days
This good Samaritan saw us sitting and feeling cold , he came and started talking to us we explained the reason for our walk and he was so touched and could not contained his tears , he invited us to the company where he is a head of security and offered us coffee and some cakes Mara other people they good in heart.