LifeLine West Rand Building Community Heart at Munsieville Community

Dear All,

It is great and exciting to see the progress and the first steps of the Transformation. Here are just some corrections/remarks on the Process from the West Rand. On the 1st of December, we had a workshop on Stigma Reduction on HIV & Aids with the Munsieville Elderly and Disabled Association. This was facilitated by me and the Peer Educators. We formed discussion groups, and discussed different issues regarding Stigma. This was part of LL WR programme – sixteen days of activism, against women and children. Before this workshop, two sessions on basic information on HIV & Aids, and awareness was presented to the same group, in preparation to Stigma Reduction Workshop. This was a valuable extension of the New Approach, and not necessarily part of the roll-out, and it also strengthened our relationship with this stakeholder. The Community Conversation – a prerequisite was held on the 14th of October 2009, attended by 22 community members. Eight issues were identified at the Conversation. Three Talk Circles emerged, focused on three issues identified at the Community Conversation. The Talk Circles ran over 6 weeks – starting on 5th of November – 24thof November 2009. During January 2010, two more sessions were held, enabling the dialogue to move towards action/plans. This means that the Talk – Circles completed it’s full circle of: “Connecting to the issue – dialogue – action”. A Total of 67 participants were part of this process, the attendance was inconsistent as only 5 participants attended every session (this was the group that discussed the issue of the illegal immigrants, this led them to move from dialogue to action within 4 sessions). The balance (62) participants were new participants that joined every week. Interesting lessons were learnt from this process, and a complete evaluation of the Pilot, with all the lessons learnt, will be presented to the whole of LL soon.

Regards, Karina Swart Director LifeLine West Rand