The LifeLine South Africa Community

We propose through our approach to discover community power, to mobilize local assets through new relationships and partnerships with the acknowledgement that sustainability rests with the community.

What is a “tough” community?

A tough community is a community that has suffered from declining investments, unemployment, weak social institutions, and other challenges such as drugs, violence, segregation, lack of services, and inadequate social and economic infrastructure. A tough community is also a community that has inherent internal assets and strength in the people and families who live there and contend with extraordinary challenges.


We believe that Volunteer Champions can ‘build and re-build community heart’ in all kinds of communities which offer opportunities for community ownership of, and volunteer participation in, sustainable social change and building of strong resilient communities.

We have developed a program for the training of Champions for Change which includes Understanding the Approach, Implementing the Approach and the Emotional Wellness Journey. These champions are volunteers who serve as animators in their various communities.

A variety of process coordinators and guides take the approach further into the dialogues, talk and wisdom circles. These volunteers plus other volunteers form the eventual action groups.

We strive to build a strong new volunteer base to make the approach sustainable and build community ownership.

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