LifeLine Partners

Giving back improves a brand’s image in the community. It helps people become more aware of your products/services and build a good image in the community.

Giving back to a cause is a great way to build emotional connections with your customers. 66% of consumers agreed that they would choose a company that supports a charity over the one that doesn’t. 

So giving back enhances brand image and value and helps differentiate the company from others in your market sector.

Department of health

To improve health status through the prevention of illnesses and the promotion of healthy lifestyles and to consistently improve the healthcare delivery system by focusing on access, equity, efficiency, quality and sustainability.

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Department of Social Development

Building a Caring society .Together.

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GAUTENG Department of social development

The vision of the Gauteng Department of Social Development is of a
caring and self-reliant society. Its mission is to transform our society
by building conscious and capable citizens through the provision of
integrated social development services.

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Biggest provider of communication services in South Africa for mobile, home and business. ADSL, Fiber, Wireless broadband and mobile internet services.

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We are a part of the community and community is like family.

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A high performing, financially sustainable, digitized national public broadcaster that provides compelling informative, educational and entertaining content via all platforms.

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